March 27, 2012

I received all of my postcards!

Hi again!  As of yesterday, I received all ten of the postcards sent to me for the annual iHanna postcard swap!  Thought you might enjoy a little peek!  Aren't they pretty?  I have enjoyed gazing at them over and over again, and love thinking about the far off (and not so far off) places they came from.  Cheers to you, stay creative!!!

March 21, 2012

Postcard Swap 2012!

Howdy!  I've had a blast (yet again) participating in iHanna's annual postcard swap!  This year, I made the theme "It is within you." This is the message I included on each card, with some wild paper collage faces.  I used mostly my own hand painted papers, but included just a couple of scrapbooking papers too.  WHAT FUN! 

I used posterboard as the base....and after creating the art, glued another piece of posterboard to the back, for sturdiness.  Their long noses and crooked lips make me smile.  This one looks like he is sneering....but he's much nicer than he looks.  :)

These little darlins are going out to places like California, Arkansas, Sweden, Canada, South Africa and North Carolina!  And one is going to a fellow artist right here in Iowa!  How did that happen?!  Love it!

I highly recommend doing a swap like this, if you've never tried it before.  It really does help to get the creative juices flowing, and it's so nice to reach out to other creative souls.  I love the thought of the postman catching a glimpse of one of these little guys in his mailbag, and wondering....hmmmmm......

Soon, I'll be back to show you what I received from my fellow participants.  They are still coming in from around the globe!  A big THANK YOU to iHanna for organizing the swap! 

Happy Spring!

Yippee!  It's spring!  Shine your light.  Free your soul.  Unburden your heart.  Let your flag fly.

March 08, 2012

Art Rocks is Rockin' Again!

Last Friday, we were visited by the cool kids from Prairiewood Transition Center!  They were such a fun, joyful group of artists!  Each student painted a wooden hand cutout that we provided for them.  We discussed briefly how important our hands are, and the many things we can do with them, such as eating, painting, waving at our friends, and picking things up.

Here are some pics of the artists at work.....almost always with a smile on their face....simply delightful!

Sarah was really fast, so I had to provide some paper and markers to keep her busy while everyone else finished up!  :)

When asked whether they preferred listening to music while they painted, they wholeheartedly agreed that music is a MUST when we rocked out to a little Rolling Stones and Tom Petty.  Does it get any better than that?  I think not.

They were really happy to be here with us in the studio....and we were happy to see them.

I have to give their creations a nice shiny coat to protect them, and the hands will be going up on display in the store by this weekend.  If there's one that tickles your fancy, come in and purchase it!  All "Art Rocks" purchases made allow us to reinvest in more projects for these lovely souls to work on!  Next meeting is mid April, and I can't wait!

March 07, 2012


Here's a recent canvas I've completed....inspired by thoughts of spring, renewal, and shaking off the gray of winter.  YES!