September 19, 2013

Look out! I'm using up my supplies!

I am on one of those tangents again....that is, trying to use up supplies that I've had lying around forever.  Just grabbing things that are in my way, and using them up....painting them up, slapping things together and making them work.  My family seriously needs to keep moving and stay out of my way, for fear of being painted or embellished!  Part of this kick is wanting to be out with the old, in with the new....creating new energy...shifting things around.  Know what I mean?  Just thought I'd give you a little peek at what I've been getting done in the studio these days......
Here are some Halloweeny items in progress....candlesticks and funky witch hats will make fab dinner party decorations! 
This is an old window shutter that I turned into wall art with some paint, collage papers and doodling with various pens/charcoal pencils......

Some itty bitty gift boxes, perfect for a little dab of candy...yes?

And a super fun "pouting" chair......

And these are a couple of canvases that I had started months ago....but became bored with them, and stashed them away.  I revisited them last week.  Some drips and scribbles, and inspiring words made me feel a little better about everything. 

What are you redoing, and giving a new lease on life?

September 16, 2013

Recycled Mini Art Journal - Part 1

As I mentioned before, I've fallen in love again with art journaling.  I've been playing on a more regular basis in my altered books and journals for the past few weeks.  And it feels so good!  I have some sharing to do here on the blog...but we will need to catch up on that another day. 

For now, I have to tell you about this little "challenge" that my super fun, super cool, super artsy friend, Erin and I are doing! 


Last year, for my birthday, my hubby treated me to a most wonderful gift indeed....a visit to a high end ladies undergarment store in Chicago.  Now before you get all hot under the collar, this was just so I could get some good bras that actually fit!  When you are ahem, well endowed, certain sizes are hard to find around here...not to mention it's hard to find any salespeople who really know how to fit bras properly.  Anyway, this was such a wonderful gift....I got some great items, and was truly pampered while I was there.  Loved it, would absolutely go back!  Click HERE for their website.
Soooo....what does this have to do with art journaling, you ask?  Well....along with my newly bought treasures, they included some small booklets, promoting certain lines they carry.....and I don't know why....I just hung onto them....I loved the size and feel of them.

  I wasn't planning to buy from them, but I just couldn't part with them.  There are two booklets, approximately five and half inches square, made from a heavy quality paper.  Just a fun size! Finally, a light bulb went off, and I remembered my friend Erin talking about how she wanted to challenge herself creatively this year.
I am also ready to shake some things up, creatively speaking.

  I enjoy seeing blog posts from artists like Samie and Roben Marie, doing swaps and challenges with their I proposed to Erin that she take one of the booklets, and we would each turn them into a mini art journal.  We do not yet have our themes nailed down....I'm not even sure how "strict" we will be with our themes/journal prompts.  For now, we are prepping the pages. 
Tonight, I got most of the pages prepped with gesso, and dried them with the heat gun.
Goodbye, beautiful girl!  I must cover you up and have some fun!!
Stay tuned, we will share what develops again soon!!! 
You can find Erin over at her blog HERE.
What sorts of "recycled items" do you like to journal with?

September 06, 2013

Painted Paper Love

I have been falling in love with art journaling again....and digging through my supply stash, I came across some of my painted papers.  I use these in some of my collage work...especially the faces.
They simply make me smile.  And stare.  Above page was just watercolors being dripped randomly onto the paper, then a wash of yellow to brighten it up.

This one was stamping, repeatedly with various foam bought and handmade.
Then painted around the shapes with acrylics.

This is random brush strokes, then a pattern painted over the top with white gesso.  I love how the gesso absorbed some of the colors underneath it.

This one is my fave!  All acrylic paints....random brush strokes, then "obliterated" with a pop of fresh pink mixed with white gesso.  I almost love this one too much to cut it up.

I know, I know....I should use it.  Someday! 
But for now I will hoard it.
Happy Friday!