July 27, 2014

Summer Art Camps All Done

Last week we finished up our last session of Summer Art Camp, and it was really great!  We made abstract paintings, mini "muses" out of clay, a mosaic frame, and a paper collage on recycled book covers.  The kiddos that came to camp this summer were really near and dear to my heart.  They were little people who truly love making with their hands, and they were so brave in their expression.  Truly a joy to work with!!!  Looking forward to planning more weekend workshops this fall and winter, to keep the momentum going! 

July 06, 2014

Having fun in the Art Journal

Hello there!  I've been really trying to make my art journaling and altered books a daily practice.
Practice, practice, practice! 
Isn't that what your teachers/coaches/parents told you to do if you wanted to be accomplished at something?  They were so right!  Even if I can only spare a few minutes, I try to lay down a little color.....

.....or collage some paper......

or scribble something with a pencil.....
......every little bit adds up to some fun, colorful pages!

July 02, 2014

Altered Art Books Workshop a Success!

Wow!  What a blast!!!  Yesterday I taught a FUN group of kids the basics of altered art books! 
We discussed how to pick the right book for you.  (One boy in the class got a book about how to make laser guns...he was in heaven! Ha!!)  We discussed how to glue and prep the pages, and then I showed them some fun and fast techniques for laying down backgrounds.  We painted with stencils, and we collaged with papers.  SO MUCH FUN, and I thank the Marion Public Library for inviting me to teach this medium, which is so near and dear to me.  I truly am IN LOVE with art journaling and altering books and it's such a joy to share it with others.