December 01, 2014

Postcard swap with iHanna!!!

Hey there!  I recently had a little bit of fun getting my "art" on!  
I created a batch of ten postcards for iHanna's winter 2014 postcard swap!  They are going all over the United States, and one is going over the great pond, to the UK.  I was feeling the pink vibe, so ran with it.  These are recycled gift cards....a style I no longer use in our store.  They had a glossy coat, so I gave them a light sanding, and a base coat of gesso.  There are scribbles with crayons, acrylic paint, irridescent inks, collage papers, and more.  Oh yes, and washi tape!  Cannot forget the washi tape!  
Taking them to the post office this afternoon!!!  Can't wait to see what I will receive in exchange!  THANK YOU, iHanna, for this FUN swap!!!