July 14, 2012

Updating Bedroom to Cloudless

Good Saturday morning to you!  I should be getting ready to start my day, yet here I sit, in my jammies with a cup of tea. I've got a mild headache and a crick in my neck today. Last night, Lovin' Man and I each slept on a couch downstairs, with the doggies at our feet, because we are finally getting around to working on our bedroom!  We pulled up the carpet last night to expose the impefect, yet still very charming hardwood floors underneath.  (I LOVE hardwood floors)  Today, Lovin' Man will be putting some trim down and prepping the walls for this:

Cloudless is its name.  You likey?  Someone asked me once what color I thought the word "bliss" was, and by golly, this is my answer.  So, I'm going to be slapping it on the walls this weekend!  I can't wait!  Wishing I hadn't put it off so long....but you know....we tend to fix up the rooms that everyone else sees first, and save our own personal spaces for last, darn it. 

Well, I should get going.  Uptown Marion Farmer's Market this morning, and we are having a sidewalk sale at the Bear today too!  Here are some links to things I think are great:

Teeny tiny travel trailers!  They make my head spin!
Feathers in quilting.  I want that skirt!
These beach ball cake balls are too cute!
Mimi's tattooed men make me swoon!  Wish I could attend Renegade Craft Fair!
Met this author earlier this week.  Delightful!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

July 09, 2012

Jenny's New Mirror

Here is my sweet, glowing friend Jenny with her newly painted Dreaming Bear mirror!  Isn't she cute?

July 07, 2012

My Painted Stairs

Hello there, and happy July to you!  We are reaching the end of what seems like a very long hot spell here in the heartland....and we are thrilled to see it go!  Cool breezes are blowing in this evening, and tomorrow's temp is only supposed to get into the mid eighties.  Yippee!

Here's a little peek at my finished staircase at the house. 

They kind of give me an itty bitty thrill.  Hope you are having a good weekend so far!