December 30, 2010

One Day Left of the Arctic Blast!

There is just one day left of the
Come and get creative with us in the art studio....the last open studio before the new year!!!
Studio fee will be half price today only. Sweet treats will be provided and door prizes every hour on the hour! Don't miss it!!!
Business hours on Friday, Dec 31st: 10-2 (store only)
We will be closed January 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Re-opening on January 4th.
Thank you all. Happy New Year!!!!
"We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year's Day."
-Edith Lovejoy Pierce

December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays!

The entire Dreaming Bear family is wishing you all a warm, safe and cozy holiday. Thank you for your support, kindness, encouragement, enthusiasm, and for being so gosh darn AWESOME!!!! Here's to you!!!!

December 23, 2010

End of Year Arctic Blast!

You’re invited to our end of year
Arctic Blast at The Dreaming Bear!
Join us for 3 fun filled days during winter break!

OPEN ART STUDIO – Let’s get creative!
10am-4pm on Tues-Thurs, December 28th, 29th and 30th

Studio fee will be half price on these 3 days only!! Sweet treats will be provided throughout each day, and there will be fun door prizes given away every hour, on the hour!
Also be sure to enter our grand prize drawing!
This is our little way of saying thanks for a great 2010!!
Cheers to you all! Have a very merry holiday!!!!

December 19, 2010


Hi everyone! It is our wonderful pleasure to introduce you to the newest member of the Dreaming Bear family. This is Elsie. Lovin' Man took me to the Cedar Rapids Animal Shelter's holiday open house....and there she was. I took one look at her and my eyes filled up with happy tears. That's when Lovin' Man turned to the volunteer on staff and simply said, "you better start the paperwork." She is a sweet, loving girl with awkward, gangly legs. They estimate her to only be 3-6 months old. She is a snuggler. And very smart....she has pottied outside a few times so far, despite her strong dislike of the cold temperatures out there.

I stopped by the store yesterday to show the girls....and she was charming everyone in the place. Slowly, but surely, you'll be seeing more of her there. Until then, we will be busy puppy proofing the homestead.....eeek!!! Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend so far!!!

December 14, 2010

We Have a Winner!!!

My Little Man helped me draw the name of our giveaway winner....and that lucky ducky is Rosebud 101!!!! Yahoo!!! Rosebud, please get in touch with me with your mailing address, and I'll get your goodies out to you right away!!! Thank you all for your wonderful sweet comments! I appreciate each and every one. Cheers!

December 09, 2010

A Giveaway!!! Yippee!!!

Let's have a little giveaway, shall we? Leave a comment on this post, and I'll draw a name on Tuesday night, the 14th!!! All of these goodies will go to one lucky ducky!!!
1 painted snowman ornament
1 wind up goose
1 "play" magic wand
3 festive rings
1 painted mitten ornament
1 sparkly fawn
and 1 tube of yellow finger paint bubble bath!!!
Don't forget to visit The Dreaming Bear for the most original holiday gifts! We are open on Sundays through Christmas!!! Cheers!

Winter Blur

Okay, so where is the time going, anyway? The past couple of weeks have been a blur of coats, mittens, hats, sloshy boots, working, wrapping, scheduling, entertaining, shopping, sniffles, coughs, (lots of coughs, especially by me) puddles of melting snow in the entryway.....eeeek!!! It's. Going. Too. Fast.
Been feeling under the weather lately, but doing my best to get back up to speed. Already thinking of what I want to see and do in 2011. Must remember to slow down and enjoy the present. I hope you are too!!! Hello friends, how have you been?

December 01, 2010

Smooshy Paint

There has been very little time for creating these days.....and last night, I just couldn't take it anymore!!! So I grabbed some of my smooshy paints and went to work on a canvas. I usually work with the thinner acrylics....but I was feeling smooshy, so went with the fuller body acrylics and a heavy graphite pencil. And of course, touches of black ink. And here's what I ended up it felt good to just play!!! I hope Santa brings me some more smooshy paints!!
I like how the pencil smeared into the paint......

and the vibrant yummy! Speaking of yummy....the brownies that Lovin' Man made for us last night were pretty darn good too! Thank you Barbara Jo, for helping us finish off what was left of the Thanksgiving wine! You're the best!

November 26, 2010

Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday!

Hey there, have you heard?? Tomorrow has been declared the first annual "Small Business Saturday!" Yippee! It's a day to come together and support the small businesses we love. As a small business owner myself, I understand the challenges and the joys of doing work that I love. And I truly appreciate the many loyal customers who have stuck by us through the years. Thanks to each and every one of you.
Saturday will be a day for all of us to make a statement.....with our dollars. I challenge you this holiday season to stop, think about at least 2 or 3 small businesses who enrich your life. It might be that cozy yarn shop with the cat that sleeps in the window. Or the coffee shop around the corner, where they always know just how you like your cocoa. Whatever it is, wherever it is, give 'em some love.

November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello all!!! I've been a bad lil' blogger over the past few's been a little crazy...but I'm hoping we will get back to whatever normal is soon! Ha! A big thank you to the Des Moines Junior League for being such gracious hosts! We had a great show, and had lots of fun!!! We already can't wait to return next year! Woo hoo! And I was accompanied by Lovin' Man most of the time, which always makes these adventures more, well, adventurous!

(kissing Lovin' Man on our wedding day)

We are hosting Thanksgiving in our crazy house there is much to be done over the next few hours. Wishing you all a safe, warm, and cozy Thanksgiving holiday. It's always good to remember to be grateful for all the good things in our lives. Hope to see you in downtown Marion again soon! Come and see us!!!
Dreaming Bear Thanksgiving hours:
Friday, November 26th: store 10-5:30 studio 10-4
Saturday, November 27th: store 10-4 studio 10-4
Sunday, November 28th: store 12-4 studio 12-4
Cheers to you all!!!

November 07, 2010

Look Out Des Moines, Here We Come!

Hello Des Moines! We are coming your way in less than a couple of weeks! Look for The Dreaming Bear booth at the Annual Junior League Gift Mart! We'll be bringing lots of whimsical goodies such as ornaments, keepsake boxes, wall art, stocking stuffers and more! Come and see us November 18-20th at the Polk County Convention Center! Details on the show and more info on the Des Moines Junior League can be found HERE.
Can't wait to see you all there!!!

November 01, 2010


Hello sweet friends. Just checking in briefly to say we are overwhelmed, humbled and grateful for the outpouring of love and support that everyone has given us over the past few days. Yes, it's been a roller coaster ride....losing Luke only a day before our wedding. (still dealing with bouts of shock and disbelief) And then I was lucky enough to marry the most wonderful man in the world, surrounded by loved ones, alongside my two great kids. Our wedding was so lovely, and our party was so much fun. If you spend any amount of time with us lately, you would have found me huddled in bed sobbing one moment.....drinking wine with friends and laughing til it hurts another moment....and everything in between. My wonderful Lovin' Man keeps reminding me that it's okay to feel all of it. He's great. It has been a crazy ride, and we are blessed to have so many joyful, amazing people in our life. Thanks to all of you!!! We'll check in again soon with some pics from the wedding and other Dreaming Bear news. Hope you had a great Halloween! Love, The Dreaming Bear gang

October 28, 2010

Good Night, Sweet Prince (guest post from Lovin' Man)

Ladies and gentlemen,

I'm afraid I have some very sad news for you. The brightest light at the Dreaming Bear has gone out.

This morning Luke, our yellow lab of seven years, passed away after being ill for several days. Anyone who came into The Dreaming Bear in the last four years would probably remember having to step over Luke to get into the shop or having to endure being sniffed over. Luke often assumed the difficult role of making sure the carpet didn't float away, a task he was uniquely suited for. During children's birthday parties in the art studio, Luke often showed his true colors, which turned out to be hot pink with green glitter as he patiently allowed paint-splattered girls and boys to pet him. He was gentle, loyal, kind, lazy, and beautiful.

I love Luke not just for who he was, but for the kind of person I was when I was around him. He made me a better and richer man for having known him, and I will always be grateful that he took me under his wing. It was Luke's world, we just lived in it.

I also want to thank the kind people at the Cedar Rapids Animal Hospital, especially Dr. Weber, and the thoughtful staff of the Eastern Iowa Veterinary Specialty Center, including Drs. Streeter and Graf, for doing all they could to try to help Luke.

Luke is survived in death by a "suspicious chicken" and two inconsolable parents, for whom Luke was a constant blessing.

On My First Son

by Ben Jonson

Farewell, thou child of my right hand, and joy ;

My sin was too much hope of thee, lov'd boy.

Seven years thou wert lent to me, and I thee pay,

Exacted by thy fate, on the just day.

Oh, could I lose all father now ! For why

Will man lament the state he should envy?

To have so soon 'scaped world's and flesh's rage,

And if no other misery, yet age !

Rest in soft peace, and, asked, say, Here doth lie

Ben Jonson his best piece of poetry.

For whose sake henceforth all his vows be such

As what he loves may never like too much.

October 26, 2010

Hands Off Ladies, They're My Guys!

Soooo.....this is what I came home to find on Saturday, after working at the dining room table (and yes, I refer to it as MINE, not OURS) covered in various art supplies, tools, glue, markers....oh and lookie, there are some pruning shears.....
We had a Halloween party to go to that night, so the men of the house took matters into their own hands, and constructed their the eleventh hour, I might add. We were only a little late.
They were Lego people! Well, Little Man refused to wear the bucket on his head, so he wore a helmet instead. He was a Power Miner Lego guy, complete with his own crystal, which he constructed out of foam board.

And Lovin' Man was a groom Lego guy. Note the yellow dish washing gloves!

They thought of everything! While I started out more than a little annoyed at the beginning of this the end, it was definitely worth it, and they were the hit of the party.

Gotta love 'em!

October 22, 2010

In One Week......

.......I will become MRS. Lovin' Man!!!!!

.......we will be celebrating our 2nd anniversary in our home together. will be Halloween new fabric line will debut at Quilt Market in Houston!!! Yahoo!!! Check it out!!! It's called "Bubble Trouble" and it is available through the super cool folks at Fine Lines Fabric Company!!!

If you are a store/wholesale fabric buyer, you can find them at the International Quilt Market in Houston in booth #565 and 567. The pictures you see here are quick snapshots I took while we reviewed the samples and edited the line. I pouted a little bit when I could not take any samples for myself yet....but then I got over it quickly. :-)

They are even more vibrant in person! Love, love, love.

Lots of colorful bubbles bopping everywhere.....

....complimented by some jazzy stripes.......

.....playful checkerboards......

....and some crazy little dashy lines......

You likey? Which are your favorites? Perhaps we should stitch up a little number like this.....

All of the possibilities!!! Thanks for sharing with me!!! More to come very soon!!!

October 21, 2010


(a most recent journal page from my altered book)
pen-sive (pen'siv)
1. Thinking deeply or seriously, sometimes of sad or melancholy things.
2. To ponder, weigh, and consider.

October 19, 2010

My Hands are Full!

Hi friends!!! Whew! My hands are full, full, full these days! How about you? What's keeping you crazy busy lately? And how are you coping? We've had a couple of sick kids the past few days....with Little Man taking on the worst of it. I think he's finally turned a corner today. I will be so happy to get that "sickie" feeling out of the house. Know what I mean?

In less than two weeks I will be officially married to Lovin' Man! Oh my!!! A dear, dear friend is marrying us, and she has written such a beautiful ceremony. And another dear friend is going to read a blessing for us that she wrote. How cool is that? We feel very honored, and excited for our big day. We are just trying to stay healthy!!!

Speaking of feeling honored.....this guy showed up in my mailbox!!! He was sent to me by my new bloggy friend, Susie LaFond. Wasn't that sweet? He is a joyful little spirit, and he has a pin back....I'm still trying to find just the right place to perch him. Thank you Susie, for this thoughtful gift. I love him!! Be sure to check out her blog and Etsy site for lots of inspiring gift ideas. I love the journal she currently has in her Etsy shop!!! Check it out!!! Hope you are all having a great day so far!!!

October 14, 2010

New Goodies in the Etsy shop!

More goodies have arrived in the Etsy shop!!!! Woo hoo!!! Playful candlesticks, moustache pillows, and "stashes on a stick". Everything you'll ever need, really. (wink, wink)
Coming soon, some super affordable canvases, as I am cleaning house. Check back soon! Have a peachy day!

October 13, 2010

Just some friendly tug of war......

....with his favorite toy of all time, The Suspicious Chicken. One can easily dislocate a shoulder by playing this game, but we indulge him anyway. (of course)

October 12, 2010

Note to Self.

This is a journal page done earlier this year.....feeling like I need to send this message to myself today. So much to get done lately and wondering if I've got it in me. I think I just might! This image might make a cool postcard, eh? Hmmmm.....or maybe a necklace??

October 10, 2010

It Started With a Shower Curtain - Our Bathroom Re-Do!

Howdy! I've been meaning to show you guys our bathroom makeover! I did this a few weeks ago, and it was such a fun project for me, I can't even tell you. This is our upstairs family bathroom. It's a room that we eventually plan to gut, and put in new fixtures, floor tile, tub, etc. But that's a little way off, and I just couldn't stand to wait until a complete demolition to make it fun, so here you go!!! It all started with this monster shower curtain.......

and this monster throw rug....

Both of them were purchased on clearance at Target last year, the day after Halloween! Yahoo! (You might recognize some of these monsters in previous posts from pics around the house...I bought several pieces from this collection!) Do you ever do that? I mean, shop the day after a holiday to get half price goodies? I try not to, unless I've scoped it out before hand. I had my eye on these little guys for quite some time before the sale. Sometimes it's worth it when you find things you love. I've even had my Little Man help me with these shenanigans....he's small and wiry, so he can bravely squeeze through crowds of crazed ladies, and help me grab the goodies I'm after. He's good.

After removing some horrible wallpaper, I painted the walls a cheery, smurfy blue, and removed some really ugly old curtains from the windows, which flooded the room with lovely sunshine. The mirror is very old, and has some discoloration around some of the edges, so I painted a wavy border with an opaque, orange glass paint to cover the imperfections. I kept the old lantern style light fixtures, just added a coat of monster green paint to them as well. The cafe curtains were sewn by my mom. (a print from my very first fabric line) We loved the light in the room so much, that we decided to just cover the bottom half of the windows, which is the half that counts!! No one on the street needs to see what we're doing up there!

Then, I needed some fast & easy wall art, so I sketched out three little monsters of my own on some 11x14 canvases, and colored them in with acrylic paints. I coated them with a glossy polycrylic to help them hold up well to the humidity in the room. I love the cranky green guy with horns. He makes me laugh.

And this guy is just a gentle soul.....

When I excitedly told my mom what I was doing with the bathroom, she sarcastically said to me, "It's too bad you never have any fun." Hee. Yeah....too bad.