November 24, 2013

Back from Des Moines Gift Mart

Hello again friends!  Last night we returned from the Des Moines Junior League Gift Mart!  Here are a few pictures of the goodies we were selling at the show.  Our Thursday night preview night was kind of a bummer, because of the ice and bad weather, but things gradually picked up on Friday, and Saturday was great!  So, thank you, Des Moines for always being so kind to us, and for supporting what we do! 

The Christmas ornaments were a new thing for me to, with glitter inside, and painted designs on the outside.  I stamped the words on this time, which gave them a quirky look I want to make more of!

Everyone also raved about my two old painted "heart" windows.  They sold to a wonderful woman who will give them a good home.  The windows were gifted to me by my neighbors across the street.....I just love how they turned out.  I kind of miss them!  Must see if I can find some more windows like this! 

And here is a pic of my goofy, lovin man, eating a grape.  He was so much help...always sweet and friendly with my customers, and always patient with me.  He's a keeper.


November 17, 2013

iHanna's Postcard Swap Project Completed!

Hi friends!  I completed another iHanna postcard swap, and it was a blast!!!  Thought I would give you a little peek at my completed ten cards.  The inspiration for my theme was a college yearbook from the late fifties.  I've got this perfect sized circle punch that cuts out their adorable faces quite nicely.  I've done a few mixed media projects with these faces so far, and thought, why not add them to my postcards!?

I am also on a bit of a sailboat kick....simple, happy little boats with perky sails make me smile.  These cards are made of paper mache, nice and sturdy.  They hold up well to my layers, which include an old map glued down to the background, assorted acrylics, more papers, water soluble crayons, ink pens, and pencils.  I stamped the letters, which was a lot of fun, and kind of a different look for me!

I have received just a couple of the ten cards that are coming to me....when I get them all, I'll share them with you, as well as links to the artists, when available.  This really is a fun project...a great way to stretch your creative muscle.....please join us next time!  The more the merrier!!! 

Thank you, iHanna for organizing this fabulous connection to other creative beings!