October 07, 2010

Halloween is OUR kind of holiday.

Howdy! How've you been? A few of us at the Dreaming Bear house are sniffling our way through the week, with lovely autumn colds. Ugh. I think most of us are on the mend now, but it's funny how draining a silly little cold can be. And I get even more annoyed (baby-ish?) when I get sick, because it forces me to screech to a halt, which is never acceptable. (ha.)

Last week I did enjoy fluffing the house a little bit, in anticipation of our favorite holiday EVAH. We got some pumpkins out on the stoop, some mums in the pots, and I have ridiculous little monsters, ghosts and black cats everywhere.


I haven't really shared much up until now about our upcoming wedding....did I tell you that Lovin' Man and I are getting married on Halloween weekend!??! Woo hoo! It's special to us, not only because it's a super fun, kick ass holiday...but two years ago on Halloween weekend, we moved into our current home together. Our first real home that is OURS. Up until then, we had two houses to sell....first we sold his, and he moved into mine.....and then we finally sold mine, and now we are in OUR home, together. It's funny what a relief it becomes to finally arrive where you are meant to be all along. At the beginning of this journey, our home, our wedding, everything seemed so far away....but here we are! And ever so grateful to be here.

Anyway, behind the scenes, I've been running around finalizing details for our wedding and party. It's going to be very simple...the ceremony will be here at our home with just our family and the following night will be the bigger party, with friends, co-workers, extended family, etc. We are super excited....and it's only 3 weeks away! Eeek!

I'll do my best to share little details of our plans....our party decor will be a little whimsical/Mad Hatter-ish/with touches of Halloween and black & white stripes. Folks are welcome to come in costume if they wish, or dress in festive masquerade ball attire. My mumsy is making me a fun party dress for the occasion, and my flowers will be colorful Gerber daisies. Love 'em! Above is a pic of our invitation....I sketched the daisy and stripes a while back, and had a local printer duplicate them onto a lovely textured, canvas like paper, which I attached to the fronts of the cards. They turned out kinda fun. Kinda kicky. Mama likey. Cheers to you, more news coming soon!!!!!


sara's art house said...

OH Wow! Congratulations! I saw some perfect tights for you at Target- black and white striped.

I love your dotty mirror!

Dyche Designs said...

Wooo hooo, congratulations to you both. You must be so excited. Can't wait to see more about your amazing day, best of luck with all the preparations.

Jenny Stevning said...

I love your decorations. My fav is the black and white polka dotted pumpkin on your mantle.
Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. SO EXCITING!

Lins Artyblobs said...

Congratulations! looks like it is a lotta fun around your place at this time of year.
Thanks for visiting my blog - have you started the sketchbook yet?

Connie said...

I want your energy, please! I so enjoy all your whimsicality, you know that, but I am getting OLD and slower! Congrats on your upcoming marriage. . . I want the best for you!

Jen B said...

Great decorations! Can't wait to see pictures from your wedding, sounds so fun!!

Anonymous said...

Wahoo! How fun, I can't wait to see and hear all about it. Oh, and I did buy the black and white striped tights at Target.