June 28, 2011

Back from the Dallas Show!

Hello friends!!!  By now you have probably deserted this pathetic attempt at a blog....oh me, oh my.  There has been a lot going on....we just returned from Dallas Gift Market.  It was oh so warm down there.  Always hot.  Even over night, in my opinion.  Lordie!  But we ducked from one air conditioned space to another, and survived just fine!  Here are some pics of our booth.  I forgot to take my camera with me....aaaarrrrgh!!!  So these are the only two pics we took the whole show, with Lovin' Man's I-Phone.  Oh well.  We had a really great visit.....saw old friends, made new ones.....it was all good. 

Do you love the bunting hanging in my booth as much as I do?  My mama made it just for this show...and it stopped everyone in their tracks!  I was asked several times if I was selling it.  Well, now I've got something new to work on!!!  Dreaming Bear bunting!!!  Ha! 

Sending out a GIANT thank you to Mike and Susie, our gracious hosts who gave us a peaceful place to rest at the end of those long show days....and they always had the wine flowing....bless 'em.  And thanks to Angie, Dawny, Emily and Emma who kept the train on the tracks back home while we were gone.  Don't know what we would do without them!!!  More news soon...but for now, going to head out to the balloon glow....it's a gorgeous night for it!


Eydie said...

This is my first visit to your blog.
There is much inspiration and beauty.
Thanks for sharing.
I look forward to visiting with you again.

i spy with my crafty eyes said...

Lovely set up!!! Your work is so colorful and beautiful!