July 28, 2011

Thursday Morning Rambling

Good morning!  I'm writing this at my dining room table, having just returned from walking Puppers.  It's starting to rain, and thunder seems to be rolling in as well.  It's HUMID out there.  Oh my, is it humid.  I come back from our walks just soaked with sweat....but I will still take this over a bone chilling February day....anyday.  Seriously.  Any day.  Finding as I get older, the less I like the cold.  Although, I don't see myself being one of those little ladies that migrates to Arizona or Florida later in life.  I love Iowa too much...and I love spring and autumn enough to trump the miserable winter.

I've noticed a lot of bloggers are apologizing for their lack of posts due to summertime.  I should be apologizing too...but I bet you're bored with that.  I'm going to keep on blogging....but it is true...there's something different about summertime....it's easy to get off your schedule and routine.  I partly love summer for that reason, and partly loathe it for that reason.  I really love the late nights any old day of the week, sleeping in occasionally, and just not worrying about things like homework, lunch money, and school functions in general.  Ugh....let's not think about that yet. 

Things here at Dreaming Bear have been humming right along.  We've had a nice busy summer, with lots of visitors, old and new...that makes me smile.  As mentioned before, I traveled to the Dallas Gift Show in June, so in addition to running the store and studio, we've been busy fulfilling orders for stores hither and yon.  That's fun.  The last box I shipped out went to Florida.  The one before that, Louisiana!  In the pictures you see above, I'm working on a big candlestick order!!!  Yahoo!  I'm so thankful to my gals, Emma, Emily, Dawny and Angie for helping me with these big tasks.  They just keep on smiling, and jump right into the next task, without missing a beat!  So grateful for that!  We have lots ahead of us this fall....will keep you posted!

Just wanted to say hey!!!  What's keeping you busy this summer?  Do tell.....
P.S.  Photos taken by Melody at Image Nouveau.  Check her out!


Cheryl said...

Love getting my DREAMING BEAR fix! My family had a wonderful time in the studio--creating art and wonderful memories! Ah, indeed the lazy,hazy days of summer! xoxoxox

Dyche Designs said...

I'm about done with this heat, so I'm itching for fall to get here. With temps over 100F and super high humidity it's been brutal here in VA lately. Sounds like you're having a great summer.

JENNY said...

Congratulations on the success of your shop. Happy shipping on all the wonderful orders you have!

Frannie said...

Hot and humid here in the south. We are use to it though. I, too, would rather have the heat than the cold.
Been busy sewing and doing alot of drawing this summer. Gone kayaking and roller skating (first time in a long time).
Have a wonderful August.

PrairieJill said...

Well, as you now know, one of my summer things was .. to visit The Dreaming Bear! It was such fun to see the store and meet you and all the cast of characters I've read about in your blog. I felt like I already knew you all!! Hope I can come back and visit again some time.