October 02, 2013

True Heroes Journal Page

I swear, I haven't been shirking on my responsibilities!  These are pages I got done early last month, and I'm finally getting around to sharing them!  HA!  This page in my journal started out with some spray ink through a stencil, layered with bits of paper, and lots of acrylics.  The flower developed next, using papers and paint, and a bit of charcoal pencil which I am currently addicted to.  I've found it a quick easy way to add definition to my art, and give it a casual, smudgy look. 

The quote came later, after looking through my notebook of inspiring words/quotes.  I love the idea of dissecting my pages too...."chopping" it up and focusing on different parts of the page individually.  This will be fun to reprint and use on other pieces.


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