December 15, 2013

Hi Dani!!!

Hello guys!  My dear sweet friend Dani "not so gently" reminded me that it was time to get my blog updated more often. HA!  So DANI, this post's for you!!!  :-)  We have been in the thick of busy-ness that past few weeks.  I've taken a break from my derby playing pastime, to make more time for taking care of my business during these precious weeks of getting into the black.  I miss the skating, and the will be back at it after the first of the year.  Funny how just a few weeks off can really make a difference. 

I've been blessed with plenty of work to do......still a couple of special projects to finish this week....and I've been waiting for some last minute shipments of merchandise to arrive....each day it doesn't arrive is painful.  Shipping/mailing is so slow these days. 

Balance.  Always striving and struggling to find balance.  Finding that I often give up one thing for another, only to find there still is no balance and harmony.  But I am enjoying just concentrating on MAKING with my hands.  Always have loved that.  Always will.  I have more to share soon, but I better get back at it.  Using all spare moments to make just a few more items.  Cheers, hope you are all warm and cozy.  And....LOVE YOU DANI!!!!!

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Cheryl said...

We LOVE you to the moon and then some! xoxoxoxoxox Made our Christmas merry and bright to say the least--purchasing gifts, creating gifts and Artic blasting too! Thankful for the Patrick's and the Dreaming Bear! You rock sister!