July 29, 2010

Join The Sketchbook Project With Me!

Happy Thursday to you! Okay, so after lots of deliberating, & hemming and hawing, as of just a few minutes ago, I am now a proud participant in The Sketchbook Project! Yippee! This idea has been nagging at me for several weeks, and I see so many of you out there having a blast with it......and I do hate being left out of a good time, so here we go! It's weird to say, but the underlying nervousness about the challenge of doing this project is a real motivator for me. I purposefully chose a more challenging theme, so I can really stretch my creativity in this notebook.

What is The Sketchbook Project, you ask? As they mention on their website, "It's like a concert tour, but with sketchbooks." Hundreds of sketchbooks are being handed out to artists all over the world, to fill up with their artwork. These sketchbooks will be coded and archived, and then travel around in an exhibition that includes such cities as Brooklyn, Austin, Chicago and more. Thinking of joining in the fun? It's not too late! Hop over HERE to get started!!!


Jill said...

ooooooh!!! sounds like so much fun!!!

Dyche Designs said...

Yay, glad to see you're doing it too. My moleskin arrived two days ago and now I'm freaking out about the blank pages. Thank goodness we have until the end of the year to complete it. What topic did you choose?

Elizabeth Caldwell said...

so glad to keep finding artists taking part in this! I am having a blast so far! Look forward to seeing your progression!