July 28, 2010

A Very Good Day Indeed.

(My new ferris wheel collage, available in the store. Call me if you must have it! :-)

Hello friends! How have you been? Whew! Here in Dreaming Bear land, we've been busy, making, creating, travelling, exploring, and enjoying! Lovin' Man and I spent a couple of days in Chicago, visiting the Gift Market to do some buying for the store, and then we visited the CHA show on Tuesday, seeking out jazzy new craft items for the studio! Oh my, what fun! We did a LOT of walking, but found so many goodies. I promise to share these things with you soon. I just need some time to sort through my catalogs, order forms, etc. I am not a very good picture taker on trips like this, because I'm so focused on covering as much ground as possible.

But here are some highlights from the trip:

1) Lovin' Man does all the driving for me. He is an excellent navigator, and he doesn't complain that I nap off and on through the whole drive. He just wakes me when we need to pay a toll. Heh.

2) Dinner at Big Bowl. YUM. Pomegranate sangria. Enough said?

3) Meeting Suede from Project Runway at the CHA show. He was very sweet and friendly, and he was showing off some dresses that he designed completely out of paper. Cool. And by the way, the new season starts tomorrow. My girlie and I will be watching! Yay!

4) Finding fun new products for the store and studio really gets my juices flowing again! Can't wait to share and I can't wait for things to start arriving!
5) Found tasty, enormous cherries at Whole Foods on the way home. Mmm.

After work today, Little Man and I headed to the pool....nothing better on a steamy day like today! Hope you are all having a great week...more news tomorrow!!!

"We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all we need to make us really happy is something to be enthusiastic about. -Charles Kingsley


Rebecca Anthony said...

Sounds like a fun and super productive trip(O:

Dyche Designs said...

Sounds like it was a great trip, can't wait to see your finds.

Jennifer Jangles said...

Oh Man! I was at the CHA show Tuesday! We could have met up. I walked the show all day maybe I saw you and just don't know it.