August 10, 2010

Check out my latest journal pages, and watch for me in Hoopla!

Good morning! I had fun playing in my art journal/altered book this weekend. (big contented sigh) I've got a few new pages to show you!!! Yippee! But first, I've got some fun news....I'm going to be featured in this week's issue of Hoopla! There's a fun little section called "Made in Iowa," where I discuss how I got started, where I find my inspiration, and more! This Thursday, you'll find it at all of the usual spots. Hoopla is a great resource for staying in touch with what's going on in the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City corridor, covering lots of events, people and more. And it's FREE! So check it out!!!

Now, on to the pages......this is my often neglected altered book...very old.....see how it's barely holding together at the seams? It's still fun to work in though.

And this is another page in the old book....I ended up just covering a page that wasn't working out. I finally used these hand painted papers that I made forever ago. I love looking at them all together...there will be room for journaling here later.

These pages are from my newer, larger art journal. I found this woman's picture in O magazine, and was so intrigued by her, that I cut out her picture and saved it for a while. I later learned that her name is Lynn Yaeger, a renowned fashion reporter. She's a woman who definitely moves to the beat of her own drum. You know how you just have a feeling that you would probably really like someone if you were to meet them in person? That's the hunch I get about her. The quote on the page is from's a little hard to read, but it says, "Early on, I decided to ignore the fashion industry's dictates and make my own rules."

And my final page was just a random play with all kinds of images I had lying around, looking for a home. I found myself fretting about giving this page some sort of theme or cohesive-ness. But sometimes definite themes don't come, and you have to learn to just enjoy the movement of painting and gluing and doodling. So that's what I did, and that's how I ended up with my little "note to self" in the middle. "Enjoy the Ride.

Hope that's what you're doing! Wishing you all a fab-u-lous day!!!


Dyche Designs said...

Such fun art journal pages, love them.

Rebecca Anthony said...

These are all really fun!!

lilylovekin said...

I really like your journal pages, especially the one with the woman from the O magazine and the quote. I love to journal I can get lost for hours doing it and always feel better when I'm done.

rachel awes said...

i looooooove
"make your own rules"!!!!!!!