August 09, 2010

My Cool Neighbors and Their Cow

Hello friends! I'm back...running on all eight (eight?) cylinders, and ever so thankful for that! It was a great weekend!!! I've got lots of things to here we go!

May I share some highlights from the past few days?

1) A sweet little boy visited our open studio on Thursday with his parents. He was mesmerized by Luke, who was passing through for a sip from his water dish. He reached out and loved all over him, which never bothers Luke one bit. Later that day, we discovered that Luke's tail looked like it was dipped in baby pink and apple green paint. It's still there...we like it.

2) Friday night, I hosted little Paige's art party in the studio. Her older brother, out of the blue, asked me, "Dori, what continent would you like to visit?" A delightful discussion of travel and landmarks followed, which was a complete joy. I love random questions from smart kids.

3) Saturday morning, walking through the Farmer's Market with Lovin' Man. I found my favorite vendor...a little old lady who makes awesome chocolate zucchini bread. I'm tellin' ya, it's awesome. I need to ask her name....she's so sweet.

4) Saturday night, we were treated to wine and yummy treats at Dave and Beth's house...neighbors down the street. They shared their gorgeous patio with us, and it was so relaxing. And fun! Such a cool couple. We thought they were cool when we left on Saturday night....but then they sealed the deal on Sunday on....

5) Dave and Beth brought home a gigantic paper mache cow, strapped to their car. Look at that glorious thing!!! We were out working in our yard when they pulled up to show us their prize. Apparantly the drama dept at our high school cleaned out their props room, and this guy was in the dumpster......

They said they just couldn't leave it there...and I agree. The legs in the air are a hoot! Can't wait to hear what they do with it. I think I heard the word "pranking" a few times. Heh. Yep, we've got the coolest neighbors.

Have you ever gone dumpster diving? What's the greatest/weirdest thing you've ever found? I think my best find was a mannequin, several years ago. She was scruffy, but I did a mosaic on her body. I wish I still had her!! I'd love to hear your dumpster diving treasures and disasters. Do tell!!! More to come soon...time to eat dinner for now! xoxo


sara's art house said...

Love the cow.

I know you are thinking of stealing it, aren't you?! :)

Rebecca Anthony said...

Strangely...... I fell head first into my garbage can a few months ago. I would have WON $1000's if it were caught on tape. I was emptying the vaccum canister into the garbage can and the tiny lid fell off the canister and dropped to the bottom of the garbage can.
I ever so carefully reached in while standing on my tip toes and then suddenly the wheels on the garbage can started rolling. I began to slide in and before I knew it I was literally inside the smelly garbage can with the lid smacked down on my back. That was one of the most disgusting experiences of my life!! Funny today but then..... not so much. There I was, in my dark garage, head first inside my garbage can. UGH lol! I couldn't stop laughing when I was telling my friends. You know when you just can't quite get the words out because the vision keeps replaying in your head. AHHHH! So funny and SO YUK! I have never found anything nice but I have to say that Cow ROCKS!!! Imagine that with mosaic tiles all over it in the garden(O:

Dyche Designs said...

Great weekend, that cow it way too fun. Love it. Never had the opportunity to go dumpster diving . . . people seem to get such great finds that way.