January 26, 2011

Nothing Much, Just Sayin' Hi.

Howdy!!!  Okay, friends, I took some adorable pics of our sweet Elsie, and I almost posted them today.   And yes, I am obsessed and in love with her....but I thought maybe I should lay off (at least until the next post.  Hee Hee.)   And then I almost started complaining about winter again!! But I must stop doing that too.  Geez.

  It's warmer here now...it's in the 20's.  Woo hoo!  Poor Angie, every time she comes to work with me, I blurt out, "Have I mentioned I'm sick of winter?"  She always very patiently and sweetly responds "ME TOO!!!"  But surely this is not a proper state of mind, to spend the remaining weeks of winter.  Not to mention it's a big drag to everyone who comes into contact with me.  Ha!  So I'm gonna get positive, think happy, warm thoughts, and just stay busy.  And busy I have been!!!  There are things to share here with you....I just need to organize my thoughts, make lists, and get it together.  Know what I'm sayin'? 
First thing coming up....an Etsy shop update.  I'm working on that right now....stay tuned!!!


Biz said...

sending you warmer weather from Texas...I hope it gets there soon!

Diane said...

Oh, I love your art so much!! Yesterday, we actually said that is was balmy outside--and we were serious about it too--the 25 degree weather. What have we been reduced to?! :)