February 03, 2011

Winter is Making Us Crack.

Sooooo.... this is what the front window of the store looks like this morning!!!  Yippee!!!  (not)
I stopped by the office yesterday to grab some paperwork, and found this, as I walked by the outside of our store.  Apparently someone was parked right outside our store, stuck in a snow drift, and in his attempts to free himself, his wheels spun, and we are guessing that a chunk of ice or a rock flew up and hit the store window.  ARRGGHH.  The guys in my building were kind enough to tape it up for us in my absence, and we are awaiting the replacement.  And so it goes.  We got a foot of snow on Tuesday night.  Our backyard looks like a winter wonderland.....and it would be for us, but the temps are so bitterly cold, we just sit inside and stare out at it all.


sara's art house said...

Ooohooooooooo so sorry about your window :(

Biz said...

We are getting our first threat of snow tonight.
It's bitterly cold here in Austin and us Texans are not cut out for the cold!
Stay warm and I hope your window gets fixed soon!

Diane said...

Oh that doesn't look good :(
I'm trying to be optimistic, but we have had way way too much snow this year--I want Spring!