February 01, 2011

Snow Day Coming Soon.

Hey there!!!  Happy Tuesday everyone!  Here in Iowa we are getting ready to hunker down as a blizzard works its way through our area later today.  We have a regular school day today, as it won't start until later this afternoon.  (much to my kid's dismay)  But I'm betting tomorrow will be a snow day!!!  I'm a little disappointed cuz I had some appointments set up regarding some exciting projects, but those will have to wait a few days.  Sigh.

Thanks for all of the Etsy love!  Thanks to Rosebud for the extra sweet shoutout on her blog!!!  Drop in over there and say hi!!!  Hope you all are staying warm and healthy. 


PrairieJill said...

Hello from Indiana, where we are also waiting for more ice and snow after the storm finishes with you!


No, I guess not! But looking at your beautiful, brighly-coloured art has cheered me up tremendously!

Keep warm.

Mary said...

such wonderful color!!

i was wondering if you had any more of those wonderful painted candlesticks available - or if you would have some in the near future?