March 04, 2011

Bubble Trouble - The Fabric Line!

Hello friends!  Can I tell you why I'm so happy? 

 I have finally received the first batch of samples from my next fabric line:  "Bubble Trouble!" 

This line is being produced by Studio E Fabrics and will be shipping to stores in May!  Yeehaw! 
And yes, it will be available at The Dreaming Bear, and also in our Etsy shop!

The quality of these coordinating cottons is superb.  They feel amazing.  And the color!  These colors are not for shrinking violets!   They are bold, bright, and ready to inspire! 

I'll let you know once we receive our own complete order, but for now, I would love to show you all of the print samples!  As you can see from the above picture, Elsie has already picked out her favorite print! 
 Hee hee.  Okay, here we go.....

The first two prints are what started the whole thing....
I painted these crazy, colorful "bubbles" and then it took off from there.

I added some stripes.  You gotta have stripes!  Am I right?

These are a couple of my favorites.  I can imagine these as crazy fun curtains, and oversized pillows.

Some checkerboard prints for good measure. 

Some running stitches....I LOVE how these turned out.  This print was a little "iffy" in my mind in the beginning, but I'm already thinking about how versatile this pattern can be in a quilt. 
Lots of busy pattern per square inch!

These bubbles are so much fun!!!

And finally, I offer you some good old fashioned polka dots....but in punchy color combos!
I'm in love with the pink and red!  Remember back in the day, when they would tell us you couldn't put pink and red together?  Psssshhhh.  Whatevah!

So that's it, gang!  I hope you love it!  Soon, you will see projects and info popping up once it starts shipping!  One very special project that I'm dying to tell you about, and will soon.
Ta ta for now!!!


Dyche Designs said...

Love those.

Biz said...

The combination of these fabrics and the quilting class I'm taking are a dangerous combination!
I have dreams of brightly colored quilts...I might just have to break and buy more fabric...not in the budger right now though sinc ethe sewing machine needs servicing!
Stop by for Bible Verse Friday if you have time ;)

Jennifer Richardson said...

Makes my eyes dance!

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

What great colors and designs - I esp. love your bubbles and polka dots!

Outstanding Stranger said...

LoVe lOVe LOVe your fabric...good job and I hope your sales go through the roof....Hugs, Diane

Jen B said...

Fabrics look great, congratulations! So fun, can't wait to see some projects made with them (or come May, maybe make a few of my own :-) )

rosebud101 said...

Love, love them! Wow!

Lisa H said...

Well done!
*slaps a high five!*
Your own fabric line? Fantastic.

There won't be a depressed person for MILES around this vortex of joyful color.


sara's art house said...

LOVE the fabric! LOVE!

Jenny Stevning said...

OH MY! I LOVE the fabric line. Congratulations.

Blissful Pumpkin said...

LOVE the vibrant colours. They are sp cheery. I'm so glad you have led me to your blog, by discovering mine.

Kyles =D

Liesel Lund said...

Beautiful!!! Congratulations!! : ) And your Elsie is adorable!! Between her sweet smile and your colorful fabrics-one just has to smile!