March 23, 2011

More Goodies in our CafePress Shop!!

Howdy guys!  We added a few more designs and items to the CafePress shop!!!  Check 'em out!!!
Above is a picture of the "Just Be You" tote bag, with another one of my girls on wheels with pink hair!
 Ha!  I love how this turned out!

A patchwork heart water bottle that says "Be True to Yourself."

A framed print of my "Many Moustaches" collage. Did I tell you that I have a moustache themed bathroom?  Well, I do!  I'll show it to you sometime!

Finally, a "SWEET" apron.  So cute!!! Thanks for letting me share these with you. 
 Now, head on over to the CafePress shop and shop away!


Jenny Stevning said...

Such goodness!!

Rebecca Anthony said...

All kinds of fun things!!(O:

Cheryl said...

LOVE,LOVE,LOVE it all!!! You are on your way!!!!!!!!!! WOOT!

Cheryl said...

Love,love,love it all!!!! My goodness you have been a busy lady! You are on your way! WOOT!