June 28, 2013

A cup of joe and a psychedelic robe.

Hello friends.  I'm going to take baby steps with getting back into this blog.  I have a lot to tell you, but instead of just putting the whole thing off cuz I can't find the time to say it all at once, I'm just going to give some small ramblings every couple days, and see how that works. 
 It's the little things making me smile this morning.  Got up early to walk the dogs, brought them back home, and headed out for a walk/run by myself.  (I do not, I repeat, do NOT run WITH my dogs.  We are not that coordinated when we travel as a clump of three.  Ha!) 

After showering with my favorite product of all time, the aromatherapy sugar scrubs from Bath and Body Works, I sat down to a cup of Swiss Mocha and a glance through the latest Art Journaling magazine.  I ADORE THIS MAGAZINE.  ADORE IT, I SAY!!!!   And it's even better to read while wearing this psychedelic robe that my mom made for me!  All out of fabrics that I designed back in the day.  SIGH.  I miss designing fabric.  I want to design fabric again.
I will design fabric again.  Hope your day is off to a wonderful start too!  See you again soon!

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Artsy Matilda said...

It is so good to see you blog again! I have missed you and your beautiful colors. I look forward to hearing about what all you have been up to! Happy Summer!