July 01, 2013

Gorgeous Monday morning

Hi again!  We have had a couple of GLORIOUS days in a row now.  I made it a resolution to get outside a little bit each day, no matter the weather....but these beautiful days sure make it a lot more fun!  As many of you know, we have two fur babies.....Elsie (a golden/yellow lab mix) and Bosco (a chocolate lab) and they love to get out and romp.....that is....when they aren't too busy resting......

Elsie is obsessed with ball chasing, and can be a tad nervous about things.
(although you'd never know it by this picture)

Bosco is a ladies man and could care less about chasing balls. 
 He flirts with customers in my store, and holds the couch down.
Not a day goes by when these two do not make us laugh. 
 Our home is a happier one with them in it. 
In other news, I finally feel like I'm getting my creative mojo back!  Yippee!  I went through a bit of a dry spell as of late....tired, unmotivated and unfocused. BLECH.  Some big things have changed in my life over the past few months.  I started playing roller derby last fall!  As a result, I'm healthier, stronger (lost 25 pounds and counting), and having a blast! My team is the Cedar Rapids Rollergirls....check us out!!! 
Here's a picture of me in my jersey before my first bout....I was excited, and nervous as hell!!!  Ha!  But it is such a fabulous group of women, who have taught me so much.  I would never trade this experience for anything.  We are all so different....our backgrounds, our lifestyles, etc.  But it's yet another example of people coming and working together for a common goal. 
In addition to all the skating, I've been doing a lot of strength training, running and other activities that have me feeling the best I ever have.  Grateful for this body that is working and cooperating, with the exception of a little ache or pain here and there! Lovin Man has really taken off with getting fit too....and we plan to run our first 5k next weekend....a COLOR RUN!!!!  Is there a better 5k for a color loving girl??  I think not!!!!
And another big change for our family is my oldest, Lily, has graduated high school!  Wow!  Where did that time go?  CRAZY.  She will be leaving us with some extra room in our house....so I am contemplating what to do with that extra space.....hmmmm.....art studio???  :)

We are excited to see family and friends this holiday week.  There will be some grilling, some playing, some sparklers, fireworks, a baseball game....We love the 4th!!!  Wishing you and yours an excellent holiday week!!!

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