July 12, 2013

Blissin' Out

It has occurred to me recently that I am truly finding my bliss again.  Feeling really happy and passionate about all that is offered to me. 
Things currently giving me that blissful feeling:
1) The open studio at my business.  I'm in love with all the light, the floor, the big windows.  It just had a more open, creative vibe than the old space.  Love it.   
2)  My customers.  Generally, we have the coolest customers in town.  They are usually the happiest, most laid back group of people, and they truly appreciate what we are doing, and they support it.
3)  My family.  We have hit a nice stride in getting along and having fun together.  Enjoying my kids more than ever before....and that feels really nice. Soon we will be on vacation together. Yay!
4)  Derby.  I am physically the strongest I have ever been in my life.  I still have work to do, but my accomplishments so far make me feel so good.  This group of women is amazing, and I look forward to seeing them every week to SWEAT IT OUT.
5)  My neighborhood.  I can honestly say that if push ever comes to shove, I know that my neighbors would have our back.  These people are fabulous, kind and FUN.  We are having another get together this weekend, and I can hardly wait.  We are all so different, but still have a GREAT time together. 
6)  Inspiration.  I'm finding it everywhere.....online, magazines, books, on walks, talking with other creative peeps, etc.  For a while I couldn't think of a thing to create....now my brain is on overload, and I feel there isn't enough time to try it all.  A wonderful problem to have.
7)  My Art Rocks kids.  They will teach you all you need to know about JOY.  They ooze with it, all the time, over everything.  A fine lesson for us all.
8)  Our pups.  Elsie and Bosco make us laugh many times a day.  Their love is so pure and so simple.  They don't need much to be happy.  Another fine lesson.
9)  Color.  Can't get enough of it.  I want more, more, more color!  On everything!  All of them, all together, on everything. 
10)  Freedom.  Every day, I'm so thankful to be a woman who can do work that I love. I can drive my own car wherever I want, and I can think my own thoughts and believe my own spirit's calling.  I can speak my mind and explore new possibilities every day.  I am fully aware that not every woman has this.....and that we need to work towards a world that supports this notion.  If all of our women and girls were supported with freedom, AMAZING things would happen.
"Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls before."
-Joseph Campbell
"Nothing is more important than reconnecting with your bliss.  Nothing is as rich.  Nothing is more real."  -Deepak Chopra

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