July 02, 2013

Check out the updated studio space!

Good morning creative friends!  I've been neglectful in showing you our brand spanking new studio space at The Dreaming Bear!  Silly me!  Well, in early spring, we consolidated our retail store into the first front room of our space, and instead of having our art studio in the back, behind the store, we have moved it up!  Front and center in the second room of our space! 

This is an improvement on so many levels!  We have LOTS of natural light coming in through the windows in front....some days, we barely need to turn the lights on at all!    People walking by on the street can see the creative frenzy going on inside, so they are more inclined to pop their head in and see what's going on!

And because it's in the front, it's a lot easier for us to staff....so now the studio is open whenever the store is open.....which is quite awesome, and works with the schedules of our busy customers so much better! 

We still  have all the wonderful options we had before...painting, decoupage and mosaic supplies.  And I'm committed to adding new items to choose from on a weekly basis.  It's been great fun to see our customers eyes light up when they see all the paints, glitters and ribbons.  It's contagious, and hard to resist touching all of the art supplies!

We will definitely get back to hosting private parties in the evenings....but still working on some reliable sources for supplies, so as not to disappoint!  If you are interested in hosting your own art event, email me, and we'll see what kind of creative fun we can come up with for you and your group!
Okay, I just realized that all of these photos are before our JAZZY new floor was put in!  For Pete's sake!  Well, I'm not turning back now....but will show you this snapshot, to give you an idea of how much COOLER the space is now!!!  Check out that gorgeous floor!  Snazzy AND easy to clean!  Perfect for us! Ha!
 And below, take a look at what some of our customers have created in our studio already! 

Come and play with us!  Tuesday-Friday 10-5:30 and Saturdays 10-4!


Giggles said...

Glorious studio...I love the colorful whimsy! Great signs too!! Really all so wonderful!!

Have a great week!

Hugs Giggles

Blooming Soul Arts said...

Hi! I love your studio! so colorful and cheery. I have a studio as well, but it isn't a retail location..its my renovated basement!
I love the carousels that you have your paints in..would you mind sharing your source? Currently I have mine in a vintage pull cart...but I would love to be able to stock them in something upright.
Thanks so much,

The Dreaming Bear said...

Hi there! Thanks for visiting! I got the paint carousels at Michaels with coupons....it's been several years though, and I'm told they are not carrying them anymore. A friend of mine had some luck looking online recently.

Blooming Soul Arts said...

thanks so much for your reply! I will go on a search tonight to find something as fabulous! hopefully I will have some luck! have a great night, Stephanie