January 24, 2014

Back Home, It's Cold, But my Journal is fun!

Hi again!  Are you cold?  I'm cold!  It's freezing!  It's so cold!  Chilly.  Brrrrr.  Yikes, so cold!  Brrrrr.  Did I mention that it's a bit nippy?  Sooooo....I'm over winter, how about you??  We returned from the Windy City Gift Show on Tuesday night.  Soooo glad to be home.  I know they tell you that you should always be positive and happy when talking about how things went, but it just was not the case.  The traffic was SLOW....the weather was cold....it was a LONG show.  I've always gotta put a positive spin on it...you know me....so I will say that we made a few good contacts that I hope will become fruitful over the year.  The people who get what I'm doing, really GET IT.  I love those people.  Everyone else.....meh.  And the "meh" people are not worth dealing with while I wait another 8-10 hours for a good one to come around. 
Soooo....I've come to conclusion that going after new wholesale customers is going to be done the new and improved way....searching them out in person and on the internet.  I truly believe that the age of certain trade shows is passing.  Everything is just too damn easy to do in your jammies, with a laptop!!!  Heck, that's how I buy for my store and studio!!!  With the exception of the CHA show, of course!  That show is worth every penny, because every where you turn, there are talented, vibrant artists showing you how to use all of the new products!  LOVE THAT!

Speaking of new products!!  By the end of the first day, Lovin Man helped me to see that we just needed to enjoy ourselves while we were there for the long haul.  He's good like that...much more patient than I.  So he took me to Blick, and I got some goodies!  Just a few, including a Gelli Plate!  I still haven't played with it...I'm hoping to this weekend.  So exciting!  I spent a lot of time in the hotel room watching videos of folks making fabulous prints with their Gelli plate! 

 I've been back on a creative tear, as of late.  Here are some pages from my journals that I did on New Year's Day.  Just having lots of fun...playing, stamping, dripping, daubing, gluing, and repeating!

And I thought this was the perfect message for the new year. 

 Hope yours is happy and grand so far!!!!  Let's THINK SPRING now!!!!  See you again soon!

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