January 27, 2014

Monday notes

Howdy!  It's Monday!  Monday is usually my day for shenanigans.  We are closed at the store, and it's my day for running errands and getting oddball things done.  I ran out today with the dogs to get them a toenail clipping, and get Bosco boy updated on his shots.  After bringing them back home, I went on a date with myself.  I picked up a few crafty/creative books at the library, had a yummy coffee, and shopped around for some items I need for some upcoming large projects.  But what did I do??  I hesitated!  I didn't pull the trigger and buy the items I saw...and I'm now regretting this.  I wish I had purchased them.  Cuz now that I've thought about it, I realize how they can work.  ARGH.  Now I have to go back out in the cold to get them.  DUMB. 

While realizing that I should've bought said items, I had some time to play with my new Gelli plate.  LORD, do I LOVE ME SOME Gelli printing!!!  EEEEK!  Above is a pic of my favorite one so far.  Like it?  I still have a lot to learn about layering/masking/etc...but it's so much fun to play!!!  Now I gotta get the gumption up to go back out in this cold. 

But it's so cozy inside, with this guy.  Sigh.

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