September 11, 2010

All is Right with the World

Hello and happy Saturday! All of Iowa is in an uproar today, with the big game coming up later today....Iowa and Iowa State are playing, and it's kind of a big deal in these parts. Not to me, mind you....I truly couldn't care less (don't be mad at me!). But it's amusing, even now, during this early hour of the morning, I've already seen several people in their "get ups", packing the coolers and getting ready to head down to Iowa City. While I do not relate to their excitement about this particular event, it's still fun to see people happy and excited. They are ready for a good time.
These are snapshots of some projects I worked on the other day, inside the front window of the store, at our desk. That's right folks, I gotta keep painting....even when I'm taking care of customers and running the cash register. Ha! Regular Dreaming Bear customers are used to this....but it never fails to amaze new visitors when they see us with paintbrush in one hand, and ringing the cash register with the other. I kinda dig that.

The "You are a treasure" sign started out more like a collage...but by the time I was done, most of the paper was covered up with paint. Sigh. Sometimes things go like that.

Lovin' Man has been away on a business trip....and he came home last night. We are soooo happy to have him back!!! I gave him the above sign...because it's true. All is right with the world again now that he's returned.


rachel awes said...

i looooooove these!!!
beautiful tree wisdom.

Jennifer Richardson said...

The "you are a treasure"
makes my heart grin.
It is just one of the most
delicious things a person
can say to another.
Smiling now:)

Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

Found you via Sara--love you--adding youu to my blog list!

Glenys said...

Nice paintings.

yogiknitgirl said...

Your blog is happy, creative and very inspiring. I am so glad that I found you. Hope you will drop by and visit mine as well! Happy creating and I hope your week will be filled with new creations!

Martha Lever said...

Oh my goodness, how I am loving your blog and I am so glad you came to visit me so that made me find you!! I am loving those chairs--OH MY!!! LOVE THEM! And I am now going back and do lots of scrolling down to see your blog!!!Oh, and I do love, "you are a treasure" So very sweet.

Dyche Designs said...

Love the colors you use in your pieces. They so fun, vibrant and uplifting. :0)

aimee said...

i feel just the same way about college games - rarely care about the outcome, but it's fun to see the excitement! i live within a stone's throw of a university and it is so much fun to watch the streets crowd and fill up with red and blue on home game days. but as for actually watching the game (except for march madness, when i'm glued to the TV) i'd much rather be making art with yummy materials like you have here!

p.s. you are a treasure too!

iHanna said...

Such beautiful yummy photos of yummy beautiful colours and mess. Mmm! :-)