September 07, 2010

White is not painted.

Howdy!!! I hope you all had a fun, relaxing weekend! Isn't it weird that we are past Labor Day already? Lovin' Man, the kids and I had a great time this weekend. I vowed not to do any work (except at the store on Saturday, of course), and I stuck to my resolution pretty well! Ha!
I did tackle one small project at home that's been nagging me for a few months now. I finally got around to painting this great rocking chair in our front room!!! Yahoo!! It's a big sturdy lug of a chair that I found at Goodwill a while back. I had to glue one of the rungs, but otherwise, it's in great shape. It has been sitting in our front room, naked except for white primer, for a long time.
A few months ago, (when it was still only "primed") we had guests over, and I mentioned how I needed to paint it, and our guests said, "It is painted." Lovin' Man and I laughed out loud.....and I felt the need to clarify....WHITE is not painted....not in this house anyway. It's not "PAINTED" until it's got every which color you could imagine on it. Plus you need a little McNugget shaped monster to stand guard over it before it's considered complete.
Luke the lab is far too used to these shenanigans and is thoroughly unimpressed.
Mostly, he just wants to eat the furry little monsters.
Special thanks to our neighbors Rob and Allison who hosted a YUMMY Low Country Boil on Sunday evening. Oh my goodness....I ate far too much...but it was sooooo good!!! Other highlights of the weekend included visiting the New Bohemia art fair in Czech Village, and a trip to Half Price Books to take advantage of their Labor Day sale. 20% off! Yay! I had fun helping Little Man pick out some books and a dictionary. I love buying books for the's like buying them a multi grain energy bar for their brain!!! Too cool!
Happy Tuesday!!! Ta ta for now!!!


sara's art house said...

I totally agree- white is not painted!!! SO CUTE! Love it.

Jen B said...

Love the chair, so fun & cheerful!

Jennifer Richardson said...

That is the smilingest chair
...aDORe it!

Jeanne Nelson said...

OMGoodness, this chair is absolute loveliness ~~ and to think that someone tossed it away ... not seeing its full potential. We can be happy that you saved it, and turned it into a masterpiece. Love all the bright colors and details ... even if Luke doesn't appreciate them, ;). I have 2 labs, and neither of them appreciate my artistic efforts either ~~ unless those efforts include a feeding for them, or play time. But what sweet dogs they are; can't help but love 'em!

Kim Mailhot said...

Your chair rocks !!!;) So painted and fun !

Giggles said...

You are so right white is NOT painted....I too love color and have a bunch of chairs awaiting the same type of treatment... I have one in my bathroom, every day I look at it and I still love it. I am a color junkie and must surround myself with it to be happy!!! lol Great job!
I'd feel right at home in your place and you would in mine! Glad you found my blog! I'll be back!

Peace Giggles