April 03, 2011

Devotchka in Iowa City!

Yesterday was such an awesome day!!!  The weather was so beautiful that we kept the front door of the store open all day!  We hosted two birthday parties in the studio...one for Ashley and one for Delaney....sweet girls with very sweet friends!  It was a busy, busy day.  Then, Lovin' Man took me on a date to see Devotchka, down in Iowa City, at the First United Methodist Church.  GOOD STUFF. The church was a wonderful venue for this band....just gorgeous! If you are not yet familiar with their music, I highly recommend it.  The lead singer, Nick Urata, has a haunting, dreamy voice that is unlike anyone else out there.  They put on an amazing show....it was a great night.

THIS is their latest album.  But THIS is also a great one.  Heck they are all great...get 'em all!
It's been a busy week...I'm looking forward to doing some boring old housework, and getting caught up on my to do list today.  Happy Sunday everyone!

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