April 22, 2011

Get to Know an Up and Coming Artist! Dani!

Dani and Elsie hanging out in the store

Hello there!  It's time to start a new segment on the Dreaming Bear blog, called "Get to Know an Upcoming Artist!"  This is where we feature a youngster (with mom and dad's permission) who we think is really cool and super creative!  Today I'd like to introduce you to Dani!!!

Dori and Dani hamming it up at her birthday party

Dani is what we call a "regular" in the art studio.  (smile)  We have the pleasure of playing around together and watching her creativity unleash itself into the world.  She is a really, really great kid.  She's kind, friendly, greets us with hugs, and she has this awesome winter coat that she lets us doodle on whenever she comes to visit!!! What more could we ask for, really?!

Dani and Emily, same party

 We hosted her birthday party recently in the art studio...Emily was in charge...I mostly darted in and out, teasing Dani and stealing birthday cake.  Hee hee.  Here are some things she delivered to us as a thank you.

Even a card for Elsie.....which she loved, by the way!

Okay, now check out some of her fab creations....and she was nice enough to answer a few questions for us too!!!

Artwork by Dani, made into a sticker!

DB:  What do you like most about being creative?
Dani:  You can draw whatever you want!

Dani's Christmas tree masterpiece

DB:  What's your favorite medium to work with?  (paint, pencil, marker, etc)
Dani:  All of them!!!

DB:  What is your favorite piece that you've created at The Dreaming Bear?
Dani:  The tree I made over Christmas break.

DB:  What are your all time favorite colors?  Name 3.
Dani:  Pink, light blue, and inchworm green.

A painted puppy.

Dani's decoupage project

DB:  Finish this sentence:  The world would be a better place if......
Dani:  we would plant more trees and help the world survive by picking up garbage.

Well said, Dani!!!  Thanks for being you.  We think you are great!  Local folks, if your child loves the Dreaming Bear studio and would like to be featured here as an up and coming artist, drop me a line, and we'll chat!  Thanks!  Have a great day everyone!  And don't forget....tomorrow is the BUNNY HOP!!!
Stop on by and say howdy!!!


Simply Smith said...

how neat! I love this segment!! Great idea! I love how creative kids are, and they're so eager to share about what they do!!!

Also, I'm having a give away over at my blog if you'd like to come check it out!


Cheryl said...

AWESOME!!!!!! Woot! Woot!!!!!
How thankful we are to have a place where children can express themselves through art--equipped with a glitter bar and the whole 9!

Alma Stoller said...

oh i love this.
thanks for sharing.