April 14, 2011

iHanna's Postcard Swap!

Hi there!  How could I forget to share the postcards I made for iHanna's DIY Postcard Swap???
What fun!!!  Everyone involved in the swap makes 10 postcards, and then sends them to 10 other participants around the world that iHanna has matched us up with!!

For these, I used the paper mache postcards in our studio, gave them a base coat of black acrylic paint, and then just painted squares of various colors.  I cut out random circles from scraps I had lying around, then finished the look with water soluble crayons and black marker.  I sealed the front with a gloss finish to hopefully hold everything in place to survive the trip!  Some of my cards are going to Spain, Canada, Germany and the US! 

I've started receiving cards from my new friends and it's such a delightful surprise to find a colorful piece of art in the mailbox!!!  Soon, I'll share those with you...but they are still coming!
Have a great day, and be sure to check out iHanna's blog for lots of inspiration!!  Thank you, iHanna for such a fun project!!!  Cheers!


Dyche Designs said...

What a neat idea, they'll be made up to receive your postcards. What a beautiful splash of color to find in amongst all the otherwise boring mail.

Outstanding Stranger said...

What a fun swap.. Your post cards are awesome. I will be so fun to get mail from all over. Hugs, Diane

iHanna said...

These are so beautiful, love the square-circle combination and the yummy colours! Thanks for sharing your lovely postcards and your creativity!

Kelly Warren said...

wow, I love these! great job you did!

Danielle said...

Your cards are incredible! This swap has been so much fun. Thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving a comment. I will have details on the swap soon & I appreciate that you will be joining us. Also, great, colorful journal pages!

Parabolic Muse said...

Okay, I got one of these in the mail and my partner immediately said, That's so pretty!! And so did I. I love colors and your card is beautiful. It's out in our living room.

Now I've been to your site and see how you are just a colorful person! I try to make everything really colorful, but I love the zentangles, too.

Thank you for your sweet postcard!

Gollywobbles said...

Beautiful cards!!!! and I love, love, love your blog! The world would be better place filled with rainbows with more blogs like yours! cheers! ~Sam