February 28, 2012

Bosco is here!

Hello friends!  Just popping in with a quick hello to introduce you to the newest member of The Dreaming Bear family!  His name is Bosco, a two year old chocolate lab.  We adopted him from the local city shelter, and he is just sweet as can be. 

Having loved Luke so much, and now, loving Elsie so much, we've often thought how great it would've been to have them both together.  We imagined all the funny things they would do together, and what a calming influence Luke would've been on Elsie.  We got serious about looking for a new companion on Friday, and found Bosco right away.  Perfect timing!

We've spent a few days acclimating him to the house...and this afternoon, we are going to try a couple of hours in the studio and at the store.  He is doing pretty well with his training...but his favorite thing is to jump up and lick...so we will have to work on that!  Not everyone wants a tongue bath from a lab!

As the weeks go on, you'll be seeing more and more of him around The Dreaming Bear...stop in and say hi!  He loves making new friends!!


Sonya @ Under the Desert Sky said...

So cute! I'm sure my daughter, Olivia, will be excited to see them both at The Dreaming Bear on occasion.

roc said...

he's adorable!

Cynthia Eloise said...

chocolate labs are such great family pets. my kids have one, she has been the best companion.