February 19, 2012

Fun with faces!

I've recently completed a grouping of faces....something I've avoided over the years....intimidation, mostly.  (believing they needed to look a certain way) But when I started really paying attention to the faces in art that I responded to, those faces were the quirky ones.....the "not so perfect" faces were the ones I loved the most.  So one day, I said, "to heck with it" and just started painting these fun and lively girls with their giant eyes, and strange proportions. 

And you know what?

It was fun!  Yes, fun!!

Wishing you a day of fun!


rachel awes said...

i'm leaping across distant lands
+ giving you a BIG squeely hug!
loooooooooove them!!!!
lipstick power! yes!

Katie K. said...

LOVE these, Dori!!! They're all so fun! :-)

Anonymous said...

I want them all! I could build a wonderful girly bedroom around any or all of them. I must agree, I think these are your best work yet! Are they for sale in the shop now?

The Dreaming Bear said...

Thanks ladies! Glad you love them! Deb, yes, they are available at the store...one is sold for sure that I know of...the redhead. (based on our Angie that works in the store!)

Sara said...

These are super awesome! My favorite... "she believed she could so she did". Happy Saturday Dori! :)

muriel said...

Hello from France! I love your faces! You were right to go for it! They're really fun and unique.