April 04, 2012

Working away in the studio!

I've been really trying to whittle down my "stash" up in the studio, which includes lots of odds and ends...furniture pieces, canvases, decorative bobbles, and a strange assortment of mannequin ladies.  I love and HOARD mannequin ladies....it's an illness....I'm not kidding.

I'm still painting hearts on things...haven't stopped since before Valentine's Day! 
This is a little bench that I finished up today!

Bosco spent the day with Mama in the studio.  He is a good helper....and he kisses my toes, which makes me giggle.

This is one of my "painted ladies."  These peony-like flowers are a blast for me to paint.  Easy and free.
And it almost looks like they have little faces smiling back at me.

Check out the glorious light filtering in through my windows!  Love it!

And here is her sister....a work in progress.....with candlesticks looking on.  I don't think blue peonies exist....except here.  :-)

Happy April to you!


Createology said...

What a cheerful lot of ladies to keep you and Bosco company. The candlesticks too. Love the colors and your style. Bunny Bliss...

Anonymous said...

absolutely love your style of painting, so bold and colorful just the way I like it!!

Cynthia Eloise said...

i really like your painted ladies. well, i like all your stuff. so bright and cheery.